Thursday, September 26, 2019

Update cross reference in batch job - AX 2012 R2, R3

Below is the code snippets to update cross references of all AOT objects through batch job.

static void UpdateCrossRefBatch(Args _args)
   xRefUpdateIL::updateAllXref(true, false, true);
   info("Done, cross reference update batch job created.");

Batch job will get added with the description as "Update xref for complete AOT" .

Happy Daxing !!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Add display method to List page (VendTableListPage) AX 2012

Hi Experts,

As per requirement of client, PAN number should be display on vendor list page. I have created a display method on VendTable and added to vendTableListPage design

display PANNumber_IN getVendPANNumber()
    TaxInformationVendTable_IN      taxInformationVendtable_IN;

    select firstOnly PANNumber from taxInformationVendtable_IN
        where taxInformationVendtable_IN.VendTable == this.AccountNum;

    return taxInformationVendtable_IN.PANNumber;

After adding fields on Design, Save and compile the form.
**Most Important**
Go to the front end i.e. AX Client, Accounts Payable/ Vendors, the vendor list page form will open, Right click on form then Click on Reset button. After this you have to close the form and reopen again.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Test Data Transfer tool

1. Download Test Data Transfer Tool
2. Install it on Database server
3. Import MetadataGenerator.XPO in Source AX application. (From where you want to export data)
4. Run job MetadataGenerator and find the  Metadata file
5. Paste Metadata file into [Lists] folder. ( check your installation path in DB server)  it will be like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Test Data Transfer Tool (Beta)\[Lists]"
6. To export data from specific company, open SQL Sever management studio and select your source database. Right click and new query. Copy paste below given code into query window. Replace your company name. (Company Name highlighted in bold font). Run the script and copy ouput.
7. Create new text file and paste query output. Save this file with name Filters.xml
8. Put Filters.xml file into [Lists] folder (Path given in step 5)
9. Open command prompt with Run as administrator.
10. Brows the path of DP.exe ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Test Data Transfer Tool (Beta)")
11.  Enter below command and hit enter.
DP.exe  Export "D:\Exported Data"  MicrosoftDynamicsAX  AXDBServerName

Filters.xml file content is as below.

-- Declare the variables to store the values returned by FETCH.
DECLARE @tableName varchar(100);
DECLARE @fieldName varchar(100);
SET @fieldName = 'DataAreaID';

SELECT  Name FROM sys.tables ORDER BY Name;

OPEN table_cursor;

-- Perform the first fetch and store the values in variables. 
PRINT '<tables>'
FETCH NEXT FROM table_cursor
INTO @tableName;

-- Check @@FETCH_STATUS to see if there are any more rows to fetch.
-- All tables don't have DataAreaId field, So check first that table is having dataareaid filed and then
-- add tableName to xml
IF COL_LENGTH(@tableName, @fieldName) IS NOT NULL
-- Concatenate and display the current values in the variables.
PRINT '<table name="' + @tableName +'"><filter><field>DataAreaID</field>=''USMF''</filter></table>'-- + @tableName --+ ' ' +  @LastName
-- This is executed as long as the previous fetch succeeds.
   FETCH NEXT FROM table_cursor
   INTO @tableName;
CLOSE table_cursor;
PRINT '</tables>'
DEALLOCATE table_cursor;

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rebuild and Update balances through X++

Hi Guys,

If you are posting journals through X++ and facing issues in trial balance update you can use below code to rebuild and update balances.

public void run()
    DimensionFocusProcessBalance    dimFocusProcessBal = new DimensionFocusProcessBalance();
    DimensionFocusUpdateBalance     dimFocusUpdateBal = new DimensionFocusUpdateBalance();
    DimensionHierarchy focusDimensionHierarchy;

    while Select focusDimensionHierarchy
        where focusDimensionHierarchy.FocusState == DimensionFocusBalanceInitializationState::Initialized
        dimFocusProcessBal = DimensionFocusProcessBalance::construct(NoYes::No, focusDimensionHierarchy);;
        dimFocusUpdateBal = DimensionFocusUpdateBalance::construct(focusDimensionHierarchy);;

    info("Balances Updated !");

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Export data to EXCEL | AX 2009 | AX 2012 | Excel Report

Hi Techies,

Hope you are doing good. Recently due to INDIA GST Update in Microsoft dynamics AX most of the clients want to export data in excel to prepare GSTR excel files.

I designed a good excel worksheet with X++ and exported data as per requirement. I am sharing with you how can you design excel sheets with the help of X++ code. Please check below.

Step 1. Create a Class. This is class declaration method.

public class MKS_ExportToExcel extends Runbase
    DialogField         dlgFromDate,dlgToDate;
    TransDate           fromDate,toDate;

    //Excel file declaration
    SysExcelApplication  xlsApplication;
    SysExcelWorkBooks    xlsWorkBookCollection;
    SysExcelWorkBook     xlsWorkBook;
    SysExcelWorkSheets   xlsWorkSheetCollection;
    SysExcelWorkSheet    xlsWorkSheet;
    SysExcelRange        xlsRange;
    int                  row;
    str                  fileName;

    VendInvoiceJour     vendInvoiceJour;


Step 2. Create Dialog method.

protected Object dialog()
    Dialog      dialog = super();

    // Set a title for dialog
    dialog.caption('Inward Supply Register Report');
    dialog.addTabPage('Selection Criteria');
    dialog.addGroup('Select date range');
    // Add a new field to Dialog
    dlgFromDate = dialog.addFieldValue(typeid(TransDate), fromDate,"From date");
    dlgToDate   = dialog.addFieldValue(typeid(TransDate), toDate, 'To date');

    return dialog;


Step 3. Create getFromDialog method.

public boolean getFromDialog()
    // Retrieve values from Dialog
    fromDate = dlgfromDate.value();
    toDate = dlgToDate.value();

    return super();


Step 4. main Method

public static void main(Args _args)
     MKS_ExportToExcel reportClass = new MKS_ExportToExcel();

    // Prompt the dialog, if user clicks in OK it returns true
    if (reportClass.prompt())


Step 5. run method.

public void run()


Step 6. setExcelInitialsAndHeader - To setup Excel report heading section.

public void setExcelInitialsAndHeader()
    COM                     range;
    COM                     autoFit;
    COM                     merge;
    COM                     WrapText;
    COM                     ColumnWidth;
    COM                     RowHeight;

    SysExcelStyles          styles;
    SysExcelStyle           style;
    SysExcelFont            font;
    SysExcelCells           cells;
    FileNameFilter          filter = ["Excel file", "*.xlsx"];

    row = 1;

    fileName = winapi::getSaveFileName(infolog.hWnd(), filter , @"c:\...\desktop", "Save as Excel file","xlsx","Report name");
    //fileName ="C:\\Windows\\Temp\\test.xlsx";

    //Check whether the document already exists
    //throw error("File already exist");

    //Initialize Excel instance
    xlsApplication           = SysExcelApplication::construct();

    //Open Excel document

    //Create Excel WorkBook and WorkSheet
    xlsWorkBookCollection    = xlsApplication.workbooks();
    xlsWorkBook              = xlsWorkBookCollection.add();
    xlsWorkSheetCollection   = xlsWorkBook.worksheets();
    xlsWorkSheet             = xlsWorkSheetCollection.itemFromNum(1);

    Styles = xlsWorkBook.styles();
    // Create new style
    style = styles.add('Header');
    // Set font for this style to bold
    font = style.font();

    //Excel Report Heading
    range = xlsWorkSheet.range('A1:F1').comObject();
    RowHeight = range.RowHeight(30);


    range = xlsWorkSheet.range('A2:BE2').comObject();
    wrapText = range.wraptext(true);

    ColumnWidth = range.ColumnWidth(14.71);

    xlsWorkSheet.cells().item(row,1).value('GST Report');

    //Excel column caption
    xlsWorkSheet.cells().item(row,1).value('Sr. No.');
    xlsWorkSheet.cells().item(row,2).value('Vendor Code');
    xlsWorkSheet.cells().item(row,3).value('Vendor Name');


Step 6. endExcel -  To Setup process while closing excel.

public void endExcel()
    // Set the column width to autoFit
    //Save Excel document

    //Open Excel document


Step 7. fetchDataIntoExcel - Used to put data into excel rows.

public void fetchDataIntoExcel()
    VendTable               vendTable;
    CompanyInfo             companyInfo = CompanyInfo::find();
    TaxWithholdTrans_IN     tdsTable;
    LedgerJournalTrans      ledgerJournalTrans;

    progress = new RunbaseProgress();
    progress.setCaption("Export To Excel in progress...");

    while select vendInvoiceJour
    order by    vendInvoiceJour.InvoiceDate
        where vendInvoiceJour.InvoiceDate >= fromDate
        && vendInvoiceJour.InvoiceDate <= toDate

        vendTable = VendTable::find(vendInvoiceJour.InvoiceAccount);
        progress.setText(strfmt("Vendor %1", vendTable.Name));




Step 8. PACK and UnPack methods.

container pack()
    return [#CurrentVersion,#CurrentList];


public boolean unpack(container _packedClass)
    int version = conPeek(_packedClass,1);

    switch (version)
        case #CurrentVersion:
            [version,#CurrentList] = _packedClass;
            return false;
    return true;


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ledger Account Setup Dynamics AX 2012

Hi Guys,

The Ledger Account setup is the most important setup for Dynamics AX Implementation.

Below are the Account Types and number sequence (Range), this will help you to arrange accounts in particular range.

Account Type From To
Assets 10000 19999
Liabilities 20000 29999
Equities/Funds 30000 39999
Revenue 40000 49999
Expense 50000 59999

Sample segment
Private Sector
Company--Department ---Cost Center ---Account --Project (maybe)

Public Sector
Appropriation Year --Cost Center --Account --Project (May be)